Event tomorrow: The Shape of the Contemporary Workplace

We are talking tomorrow as part of the Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working series of events:

The Shape of the Contemporary Workplace  –  Saturday, 27th of April @ 2pm

Auto Italia South East
Unit 2, 3 York Way, King’s Cross, N1C 4AE


How is a contemporary workplace organised? In Fordist workplaces, time and motion studies monitored workers’ activity in order to make the industrial process more efficient and productive. In response, workers and intellectuals in post-war Italy began mapping their own workplaces in order to better plot resistance and sabotage. How can we, as workers within the ‘new economy’ begin to understand our own working conditions? Joanna Figiel and Stevphen Shukaitis will look at contemporary working conditions for precarious workers within the arts, culture and education and how we understand our own working lives.